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Why standing desks from ConSet?

  • ConSet electric desk frames are designed with 20 years experience, the owners are pioneers in the UK standing desk market. Testing on many frames also includes EN527 TUV standard and ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014
  • If you have an existing back problem then standing at a high desk for parts of your day rather than sitting at a standard desk can offer great relief and can help the recovery process when back problems occurs.
  • People of various height can easily adjust their desk according to specific needs - Particularly beneficial for those of a taller stature, in the prevention of stooping.
  • Electric operation means that more people can adjust their own desk height, especially important for disabled users.
  • Ideal for people where sitting all day is not an option, ie individuals returning to work after back surgery.
  • Easy up and down operation with the added safety feature that 2 buttons must be pressed together to avoid accidental operation. Optional extra on some models.
  • ConSet is a branded product, models first sold over 15 years ago are still extensively sold today. The range of options available is possiblty the largest in the UK. 
  • Increase your blood flow and metabolism simply by standing to work at your desk.
  • ConSet retail dealers will assist with your choice, even if you have an unusual desk top layout or heavy specialist equipment such as medical analysis equipment then it can usually be accomodated by a ConSet standing desk.


ConSet retail dealers are throughout the UK, Ireland please call 01245 477922. We do our best to support local business sales and can put you in touch with a retailer or trade supplier ideal for your purchase and delivery area.


Because ConSet manufactures both their own lift system, adjustable leg columns, and frames we can offer adjustable height desks with exceptional value for money. Whatever model you choose the benefits of an integrated supplier with a long standing history are obvious.

Our UK standing desk range is available in 1-column, 2-column and 3-column versions and feature possibly the highest cost benefit level in the business. Your ConSet standing desk will adjust quickly and easily with the touch of a button.

The height-adjustable-desk is synonymous with good ergonomic practice in the workplace. Electric height adjustable desks, that operate through a full sit stand height range are the solution that will get used to their full potential and can also be essential for full DDA compliance.

Small standing desks through to very heavy duty large options, desks on wheels, battery or mains, electric desks that go low enough for children yet high enough for adults, black, silver or white, straight, L shape, 120 degree electric desk frames, even adjustable sit stand meeting tables.

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