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Left, 200-200, Black-Laminate / Item no.: 501-23 9S190-190A 200L 080-60S NL £ 1571 ex VAT

501-23 is adjustable in length and fits many tabletop sizes. Especially, it is suitable for large meeting tables.

The frame comes with an integrated cable tray.

The black laminate tabletop is based on a 22 mm MDF with 'A' grade (CPL) laminate surface: Continuous Pressed Laminate 0.8 mm thickness offers good durability suitable for offices, schools, home and most working environments.


The edges are profiled MDF and lacquered black.


Please be aware, with black laminate finger marks are more visible than on other finishes.

The L-shape has plenty of room and a corner ideal for placing a screen. When using the corner of the table you will have good arm support and space for the keyboard. Perfect shape for an additional side table in order to have more workspace.

£ 1571 ex VAT      

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1784 -- 501-23 9S190-190A 200L 080-60S NL -- 501-23_200L_80-60S.jpg - DB
1784 -- 501-23 9S190-190A 200L 080-60S NL -- 200-200-60L.jpg - DB
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