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Tabletop | 100x80 cm | Walnut
Tabletop | 100x80 cm | Walnut
£ 68 ex VAT
Item no.: 100-80S3 VM
The tabletop surface is made from melamine with a walnut finish on both top and bottom side. The edges are made from ABS; they are 2mm in width and slightly rounded. The table’s core is a 25mm particleboard. The wood is graded E0 which indicates the level of formaldehyde in the material as well as its emission. E0 is the lowest level, and E1 is the legal requirement for indoor use.
Particleboard is both a material of the past and the future. Perhaps the material was initially used in a bed frame, and in its next cycle, it might be used as a part of a kitchen. Right now, however, it is a table top, and it can function in this way for a long time. It is resistant to both wear, shock and liquid.

A tabletop suitable to make a side table or for the extension of an L-shape top. Perfect when extra space is required.

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100-80S3 VM
Tabletop | 100x80 cm | Walnut
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1100-80S3 VMTabletop | 100x80 cm | Walnut£ 68,-£ 68,-

£ 68,-
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Item no.Length (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)EAN
100-80S3 VM10787415,005704142150955
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Item no.: 100-80S3 VM

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